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TRACKSTAR 6000 pedals for:

 -  Logitech MOMO Force
 -  Logitech MOMO Racing
 -  Logitech Driving Force Pro, G25 & G27

ECCI offers TRACKSTAR 6000 pedal units that are plug compatible with Logitech force feedback wheels. Loaded with all the innovative features of the 6000 series, these pedals provide vastly superior operation over the standard plastic OEM components. Features include:

  • Top-hinged large cast-aluminum automotive type pedals

  • Fully adjustable heel rest

  • Optional PMB II pressure mapped brake pedal

  • Fully customizable geometry:
    pedal angle from vertical; heel rest angle and distance from pedals; pedal height from heel rest; pedal to pedal lateral spacing; and individual pedal resistance rate




The TRACKSTAR 6000 is designed around a simple geometric principle, a triangular section with adjustment of both angle and extension. A triangle forms a very rigid structural shape, regardless of the length or angle of its individual segments. The flexibility of this triangular concept offers unparalleled flexibility in setting pedal angle, position, distance, and spacing. From desktop to low slung cockpit installation, no other pedal unit is as adaptable as the TRACKSTAR 6000.


ECCI's CDS4000 model provided an integral heel rest at the bottom edge of large blade-type pedals. This accommodated a wide variety of foot sizes. With the new 6000, the heel rest is separate from the pedals. To provide flexible accommodations, the rest is adjustable in angle and distance to the pedals. The pedal frame also allows adjustment of the height of the pedals relative to the heel rest. This makes long distance racing comfort just a few turns of the wrench away.


During the development process, ECCI Labs determined that only a custom designed pedal pad would meet all of the design goals of the TRACKSTAR 6000. Ordinary pedal pads provide no lateral adjustment of pedal spacing. ECCI's unique design allows substantial adjustment of spacing via slotted mounting holes. ECCI's pedals are also about 30% larger than other pedals of similar design, offering the home user a more comfortable pedal for long distance racing.


An ECCI exclusive innovation. Unlike other simulation controllers, ECCI's PMB-II provides pedal operation with the true feel of an automobile brake. Unlike other simply-sprung or linear pressure sensing pedal controls that work on a distance-traveled principle, the PMB-II works on a pressure map principle. The result is far more intuitive and realistic brake application. This makes avoiding lock-up at maximum braking far easier, and allows more attention to be paid to hitting the optimal cornering line.  For users looking for a true-to-life race car braking experience the addition of the Stage 2 Race Brake kit provides high performance brake feel and response unmatched by any other means.


The TRACKSTAR 6000 has an independent spring pack for each pedal that offers two critical adjustments, maximum braking force and initial preload. This allows the user to set gas, brake, and clutch resistance to appropriately different levels. The maximum resistance setting determines how much force is required to fully depress the pedal. Preload adjustment sets the amount needed to initiate pedal movement.



The 6000 pedals use the integrated control board already provided in the Logitech wheel unit. The pedals simply plug in and you are ready to go. The 6000 pedals are compatible with Logitech MOMO Force (red housing), MOMO Racing (black housing), and Driving force Pro wheels. But a different cable is required for connection to each. YOU MUST SPECIFY FOR WHICH UNIT you are ordering the pedals to get the correct cable. You can also buy the second cable as an option if you wish to use the unit for both MOMO wheels.


When using the massively high pedal pressure settings available with TRACKSTAR 6000, it is strongly recommended to restrain the unit from moving. Floor or wood substrate attachment of the base brackets is a simple solution using the provided anchor holes.  If portability is needed, the adjustable, highly rigid "instant cockpit" system quickly connects the forward edge of the pedal unit to a bracket that rests underneath the seat of the driver. This accessory provides solid anchoring without attaching to the floor.  Also highly recommended for LAN racing events.

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